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Legoland New York now "Certified Autism Center"

Mar 28, 2023, WNCT TV, Greenville, NC: Legoland New York debuts new features and resources as a Certified Autism Center

Legoland New York hosts ‘Awesome is for Everyone’ day

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2020, roughly one in 36 children were identified with autism spectrum disorder. With those kinds of numbers, it’s essential that kid-centric industries are not only aware but engaged in accommodating and supporting all children

This year, Legoland New York joined Legoland California and Legoland Florida as a Certified Autism Center. This past weekend, the popular theme park celebrated with a special preseason “Awesome is for Everyone” day that allowed families to explore the upgraded features the park will be offering when it opens to the public on March 31….

What does it mean to be certified?...

“It means that we are here to help you plan your awesome day in the park. On every single one of our rides, you will see a sensory guide, which will alert you to any bright lights, any loud sounds or anything that you might need to plan around. There is a quiet room available in our Family Care Center located in Lego City. Most of all, all of our team have received special training in how to serve guests with autism and other sensory challenges.”…

BestReviews was given a quick tour of the impressive facilities. When you walk in the door, there is an immediate sense of calm as the sounds and activity of the park are muted.

Parents can play with their children in this quieter setting that provides reduced stimulation. The next door leads guests to a nursing station with private rooms and rocking chairs, so mothers can nurse their child in peace. It also features appliances so parents can warm bottles, if needed.

A third door grants access to a room deep within the facility, which is nearly silent. This space features subdued colors and private rooms that include a small hammock, a weighted blanket, a gentle, sparkling light and a beanbag chair. Children who need a sensory reset can find refuge here….


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