Yakima, WA: Adverse Childhood Experiences-trauma at home damages kids' health

Dec 2, 2017, Yakima (WA) Herald: Yakima Valley organizations, teachers aim to mitigate effects of adverse childhood experiences … Such issues can challenge the most centered teens. But adverse childhood experiences can result in stress so toxic that it physically affects developing brains, possibly leading to risky health behaviors as adults, chronic health conditions, low life potential and even early death.... It comes down to relationships — understanding the reasons behind why students struggle with disciplinary, learning and attendance issues rather than confronting them with anger when they act out. It’s mitigating in the moment, without a judgmental spirit. … Experts began collectively labeling situations that arise in dysfunctional homes as ACEs after the CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study of 1995-97, according to Conducted by Dr. Vincent Felitti and CDC epidemiologist Robert Anda, it’s considered one of the most ambitious investigations of childhood abuse and neglect and adult health and well-being.