Wyandotte County, KS: Schools provide app for school lunches; parents can avoid food allergies

Aug 16, 2017, Fox 14, Pittsburg, KS: Wyandotte Schools Starts School Year with New Food Menu Mobile App Superintendent Troy Gray said, "This is something that’s going to be real exciting for our kids and our parents. We know the kids, and all of us, we eat visually. And they can go onto this app, hover over and see exactly what the meals going to look like that day and also get calorie counts and everything."... The interactive app also helps parents know what choices could trigger food allergies and actually eliminates hazards. OPAA! Nutrition services director, Jessi Maple explained, "It will cross it off their choice on the list. So, if you have a child with a gluten allergy, it will take off everything on that menu for that day that has gluten." ... That also takes some of the burden and worry off the kitchen manager. "Peanuts especially are in so many things that you have no idea and this app takes care of that for you."