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(UK) Yorkshire: Special needs boy turned down by 8 schools; no school all year

Feb 26, 2023, Yorkshire Live: Yorkshire boy, 12, hasn't been to school for seven months due to 'diabolical' situation says mum

N. England

Jodie Tyrell says her son Mason has been turned down by eight schools A mum is desperate to find a suitable school for her son who hasn't been in a classroom since last July.

Jodie Tyrrell says she had to take her son Mason out of his high school in Bradford last summer due to "constant detentions" and him being put "in isolation" far too often.

Shortly afterward Mason, now 12, was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and, since then, has been turned down for places at eight separate schools - one mainstream school and seven schools with SEN (special educational needs) provision, all of them in the Bradford area.

Jodie is now at her wits' end because she has had to give up work in order to look after Mason who has been stuck at home ever since. She says Mason's situation has left her in tears due to a lack of progress with education authorities at Bradford Council.

Jodie, of Clayton, Bradford, claimed that she was promised private tuition for Mason but to date, this has not happened. She says that fighting to find a school place for Mason has left her feeling frustrated and exhausted. …

She is desperate to get Mason's schooling back on track but says the authorities have been 'diabolical' and she doesn't feel like she is making any progress at all. …

Jodie feels that the authorities have forgotten about her son. "I thought it was a rule that every child should have an education. It feels like we have been brushed under the carpet."


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