(UK) Yorkshire: Double the number of kids being home schooled in five years

Dec 29, 2017, (UK) Yorkshire Post: Yorkshire parents rushing to school children at home The number of children being home schooled in the region has doubled over the last five years, an investigation by The Yorkshire Post reveals. Nearly 4,500 children were educated at home in the 2016/2017 academic year, raising fears from Ofsted that some vulnerable children may be slipping through the net. It represents a 101 per cent rise since 2012, when just 2,225 pupils were classified as home taught. The figures are based on data provided by 15 local education authorities across Yorkshire, with reasons behind the trend listed as including personal choice, dissatisfaction of the school system, bullying and increasingly mental health worries and a need to support mental well-being. A lack of school places is also listed in some parts of the county, as well as not being offered the preferred school.