(UK) Worcestershire: Tax hike proposed due to SPED 'weakness'

Jan 7, 2022, BBC NEWS: 'Weakness' found in Worcestershire's special education

West Midlands

Significant weaknesses remain in Worcestershire services for children with special educational needs (SEND), inspectors say. Parents have "overwhelming negativity" about SEND services, and there are "significant concerns" over inclusivity at some mainstream schools. But inspectors also found progress was made in the majority of weaknesses identified in 2018…. Sufficient progress in eight out of 12 "significant" weaknesses identified in 2018 had been made, according to the local authority, which said measures included putting systems in place that effectively monitored vulnerable children and young people…. 'COMPLEX NEEDS' Additionally, placing some children in specialist settings when their needs could have been met in a mainstream school has led to special schools not having enough places for those with complex needs, inspectors' findings are set to say. However, the council reports that increased investment and commitment from NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Clinical Commission Group (CCG), and the development of Worcestershire Children First, has resulted in a "single, centralised" organisation that works "cohesively" with health services…. 'NOT HAD THE EXPERIENCE WE WANT'… On Thursday, the council announced a proposed tax hike of nearly 4%, with an extra £25m [$34M] earmarked for adult and community services, along with social care for children and young people.