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(UK) Wales: Superstore provides sensory bags with "fidget items, visual emotion cards"

July 11, 2023, Caerphilly Observer: Tesco staff create sensory ‘borrow bags’ for customers


Caerphilly’s Tesco superstore has created ‘borrow bags’ full of items for people with sensory needs to use during their shopping trip.

The one of a kind initiative was thought up by a staff member at the store, on Gallagher Retail Park.

Ear defenders, fidget items and a set of visual emotion cards can be found inside the bag.

People with sensory issues have difficulties processing information from the senses, like sight and sound.

When asked about the scheme, a Tesco spokesperson said: “Colleagues at our Caerphilly Crossways Superstore came up with this great initiative to engage and entertain children whilst their parents are shopping. It has proved really popular with the local community.”

…Caerphilly’s Labour Senedd Member Hefin David, who is the parent of a child with autism, added: “This is a brilliant initiative by Tesco Caerphilly.

“I know first-hand how difficult everyday tasks can be for children with autism or sensory issues and I think this will bring some relief to families while they go about their shopping. Hopefully it can be rolled out across other stores.”


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