(UK) W. Sussex: $670 (US) grant for primary school "well-being" project

Feb 1, 2018, (UK) Spirit FM: Why it's time to talk about mental health in West Sussex A West Sussex charity is using pebble painting to help break the stony silence surrounding mental health. Thursday is Time to Talk Day, where we're encouraged to talk openly about the issue and break the stigma surrounding those with mental health issues. Coastal West Sussex Mind are marking the occasion by launching a new campaign called West Sussex Rocks. In it, pebbles will be painted with messages encouraging local people to change the way they think about mental illness and to offer support for those who need it. People can then hide them to be found in public spaces such as parks, or take photos and share them on social media with links to help and advice. … One of the people awarded a grant from the Champions Fund is Shiraz, of Crawley, who will receive £500 for a project supporting pupils and their families with well-being at Three Bridges Primary School.