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(UK) Violence in youth jail; learning disabled inmates

Aug 8, 2017, BuzzFeedNews (UK): The Number Of Assaults At This Privately Run Youth Jail Doubled To More Than 80 A Month Levels of violence against staff and young people at a controversial youth jail have more than doubled in the past year and the jail has no plan to improve safety, an inspector's report has said. Privately run Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre, near Rugby in Warwickshire, was the subject of a scathing report from Ofsted, which monitors youth offender units, on Tuesday. In the last report in March, covering the last six months of 2016, there were 200 violent incidents. During the first six months of 2017, Tuesday's report said, this figure reached 500. ... The centre, which currently holds 58 young people, of whom half have special education needs or learning difficulties, was taken over by MTC Novo in May 2016 in a five-year contract worth £50 million. The company is a joint venture between a US prison company that has courted controversy in America over the management of its prisons, and a British consortium of charities and other providers. The centre was previously run by G4S. The report found that: – The use of force and restraint has tripled since the last inspection to 90 incidents a month more than during the previous six months. There had been little improvement in behaviour management overall. – Overall, 47% of inmates had suffered physical abuse from other inmates, compared to 18% at other youth prisons. – Bullying is rife in the centre and is carried out via offensive graffiti. Between January and May this year, 60 complaints were made but only 28 tracking logs were opened and there were just seven full bullying reports. – Inspectors saw staff restrain and remove young people to bare rooms with no mattresses. On one occasion an inmate was injured during a restraint and the case was not referred to a health professional.

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