(UK) Teachers deal with depression, anxiety and panic attacks

Sept 17, 2017, BBC: Job stress is 'overwhelming' teachers across the UK An overwhelming number of teachers in the UK have suffered either physically or mentally because of their jobs, a study has suggested.... Depression, anxiety and panic attacks were among the conditions cited. The Department for Education said it was addressing issues raised by teachers. Increasing levels of marking, admin and exam targets have led to some teachers working 12-hour days, according to Pran Patel, a physics teacher at Mark Hall Academy in Harlow.... "However, there are unnecessary challenges that are put on teachers day in, day out. "The sheer amount of workload has had an impact on my mental health. … "Quite frankly I think it's absolute nonsense when I hear government minsters go on news shows and say they're putting more money into education, there are more teachers than ever before. "I don't know where they are getting these statistics from, but I speak to other colleagues who are head teachers and they are all panicking about whether they are going to be able to staff their schools and whether they'll have enough money to pay the teachers," he said.