(UK) SPED school way over capacity, can't take disabled boy

Nov 27, 2017, (UK) Gazette News: Mum's fight to get son into Market Field special school A MUM is taking her son's case to tribunal as he cannot get into the Special School he wants so desperately to go to. Jack Bateman was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was three, and autism and ADD when he was six. He attends Broomgrove Junior School, but his mum Kelly said he wants to go to Market Field School in Elmstead Market. Mrs Bateman said her son, eight, from Wivenhoe, only attends school three days a week because his needs simply cannot be met there. … Gary Smith, headteacher at Market Field School, said if there was room for him they would accept him, but numbers are just too high. He said the new build is made for 200 students and they are working with 262. He did say the school was looking to see if a September 2018 place could be reserved for Jack in advance, but they are seeking legal advice on whether that is possible. Ray Gooding, Essex County Councillor responsible for education, said: “We are committed to ensuring all pupils in Essex receive the best possible education and their individual needs are met. “Unfortunately Market Field School is currently over capacity and unable to accommodate any additional pupils at this time.