*(UK) Scotland: 55% increase in autism in 4 years

Aug 22, 2017, Herald, Scotland: New guide for student teachers on pupils with learning difficulties EVERY student teacher in Scotland will be issued with new guidance on how to support pupils The guide, developed with Edinburgh charity the Salvesen Mindroom Centre, explains key conditions associated with learning difficulties such as autism or dyslexia. It also offers teachers practical tips on the different ways they can support pupils in the classroom. The guide has been issued by professional watchdog the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) following concerns over the quality of information trainee teachers are given on supporting pupils with Additional Support Needs (ASN). ... “However, we know that since 2012 the number of pupils with ASN has increased against a backdrop over the same period of a 16 per cent fall in the number of specialist ASN teachers. ... Figures published in February show a quarter of pupils in Scotland now require extra support. There are now 170,000 pupils in primary, secondary and special schools who were identified with ASN, up 45 per cent since 2012.... The number of children diagnosed with autism rose 13,423 - an increase of 55 per cent in four years.