(UK) Scotland: "26.6% of pupils have additional support needs"; lots of "low level bad behavior"

Mar 17, 2018, (UK) Scotsman: Low level disruption – the new ‘norm’ blighting our schools “Low level bad behaviour” has become the norm in many secondary schools across Scotland, the leader of one of the country’s teaching unions has warned. Seamus Searson, general secretary of the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association, said unacceptable behaviour was on the increase, impacting on pupils’ education and hampering recruitment to the profession. This type of behaviour included challenging teachers’ authority by telling them to “f*** off”, refusing to stop using phones during lessons, and running amok in corridors, often escalating into a confrontation when a teacher starts dealing with the incident…. “It can take at least ten minutes to settle the class after one of these disruptive incidents, meaning that it stops other pupils learning. This all takes energy away from teachers. … Figures from the Scottish Government in December revealed that 26.6 per cent of pupils have additional support needs, ranging from dyslexia, ADHD, and autism to behavioural and emotional problems. … “Now we’re getting at least a dozen calls a week from teachers about this kind of behaviour, and I’m hearing more and more that schools aren’t dealing with it, meaning the pupils causing the problem are back in class next day thinking they’ve got off with it, which they have.”… “We cannot allow indiscipline to plague Scotland’s school system.