(UK) Primary students permanently excluded for violent behavior

July 25, 2017, UK Daily Mirror: Inside the school for children excluded at SEVEN - including boy who nearly broke teacher's back …He is one of a growing number of young children who have been permanently excluded from primary schools because of their bad and often violent behaviour, left feeling isolated, unwanted and alone. And just like Harvey, many of these children are angry. … But these children are the lucky ones. They have been given one last chance with a place at the Rosebery School in Norfolk which aims to teach children discipline, stop their bad behaviour and give them what they desperately want - a place at a normal school. The number of primary school children permanently excluded from school reached 1,000 for the first time in the last year - and the number is expected to rise. For every child in Harvey's class, two are waiting to get a place.... Figures released by the Department of Education this month show that the number of children being excluded has risen every year for the last three. In 2015-16 around 35 children a day were expelled from schools in England, and a total of 1,185 children were excluded from primary school. Of these 475 were under seven and 50 were four. Children are permanently excluded for one of three reasons - hurting someone, hurting themselves, or damaging property. Each of Sharon's pupils have all done at least one of those. Harvey, who has ADHD , has been excluded from school more than 15 times - the last just after he turned seven. … He starts his first day at the school and begins to stamp and repeatedly slam a door as he shouts "f*** you." He then starts to climb in the toilets while shouting "leave me alone" at Sharon who wants him to apologise to the teachers he has lashed out at. Harvey later admits he finds the school "creepy and scary." He refuses to make friends, saying he already has some in his head. Next he starts for a full day and as lessons begin he reverts to banging on windows and doors before sticking his fingers in his ears and screaming. … Jared is an autistic pupil and his story at the Rosebery appears for now at least to be a successful one. He was four when he was first excluded, and this happened 10 times more before he was moved to Rosebery.