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(UK) Parliament: SPED support 'continues to fail many children/remains financially unsustainable'

Mar 4, 2022, UK Parliament: Reducing staffing, narrowing curricula and reducing SEND support to maintain schools’ finances risks “damage to children’s education”

The Public Accounts Committee today warns that the DfE’s reliance on national figures that indicate schools are in reasonable financial health is masking “significant variation and challenges for individual schools”…. Some of the steps that schools have taken to maintain their finances have adversely affected children’s education: cutting staff, dropping subjects from the curriculum and further reducing the support system for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) which “continues to fail many children and remains financially unsustainable”. The Department for Education also “has little assurance” that extra £4.7 billion [$6.2B] committed for school funding in the 2021 Spending Review “will be enough to cover cost pressures including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic”. …


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