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(UK) Oxford: Parents protest SPED failings; 'our children are abandoned'

Nov 1, 2022, Oxford Mail: SEND parents protest against Oxfordshire County Council 'systemic failings'

SE England

PARENTS of children with special educational needs held a protest in front of County Hall in Oxford today (Tuesday, November 1), ahead of the county’s full council meeting.

The group gathered at Carfax Tower this morning before walking the short distance to the hall, and held banners reading “Stop failing our children”, “OCC, stop ghosting families and stop breaking the law” and “Our children exist, their needs exist, we exist! Stop ignoring us and listen!”

They said they were there to protest “against a wide range of systemic failings” in the county council’s provision for children with special educational needs and took with them school bags and other items to represent “each child failed by Oxfordshire County Council.” …

“Many children are left with only a few hours of education a week or with no provision at all for months or even for years.

“Please take a moment to imagine what impact this might have on a child and their family. The failings are not just down to national funding issues, but also down to decision made by our council.”

Olivia Johnson, who also addressed the council, said: “There has been a complete breakdown in the communication between Oxfordshire County Council special educational needs department and the families that they are trying to support – a complete breakdown of care.

“Families are fed up of being ghosted while our children are abandoned by OCC without adequate care or support….


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