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(UK) Northern Ireland has 'NO MORE' savings; "rising costs" to support SPED blamed

Dec 11, 2019, BBC: School funding: 'No more' savings possible in some NI schools "No more" can be done in some schools to save money, the head of the Education Authority (EA) has said. Sara Long made the comments in a letter to all school principals in Northern Ireland. She also acknowledged what she said was their "growing frustration" with a lack of adequate funding. In July, a Westminster committee said a lack of money was having a devastating impact on schools in Northern Ireland. Ms Long took up the post of chief executive of the EA in April 2019. In her letter, she said principals and school leaders had been working in "challenging circumstances," due to ongoing action short of strike by teaching unions…. "We acknowledge the challenges you face in relation to meeting the diverse and increasingly complex special educational needs of our children and young people and we will provide detailed action plans to address recommendations." The EA has previously overspent its own budget, mainly due to rising costs to support children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in both mainstream and special schools. A number of parents and some school principals have expressed dissatisfaction with the support some children with SEN receive….


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