(UK) Mansfield: SPED 'education establishment' plan proposed

Jan 7, 2022, Chad: Green light to convert former Mansfield Woodhouse funeral home into special 'education establishment'

Northern England

First Class Tailored Solutions had applied to Mansfield Council for permission to change the use of a former funeral home into the establishment. … First Class is an alternative educational provider, offering short-medium term, part-time placements for those children and young people who fall outside of mainstream education, example, due to anxiety or behavioural issues, planning documents state. … A planning statement says: “The learners will generally not be allowed off site on their own during the working day. If they do go off site it will be in pairs accompanied by a member of staff. "There is ample outdoor space to the rear of the building to accommodate the learners and allow them access to the outdoors. “The space would enable us to operate three classrooms such that each class would have a maximum of four students, two staff. We do not wish to make any changes to the layout, structure or design of the building, the application is for change of usage only. Documents state that learners will be on site between 9am and 3pm daily over 39 weeks of the year.