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(UK) Mansfield: New autism school for 160 students okayed

Mar 9, 2023, Cleared site of former Mansfield school selected for new 160-place SEND site

N. England

The site of a former middle school in Mansfield has been selected as the preferred location to build a new 160-pupil special school.

The former Ravensdale School site, on Ravensdale Road, was demolished after it closed in 2001 and the site has remained derelict and unused for several years.

However, Nottinghamshire Council says it has now been selected as a suitable site to deliver a new school tailored to children with special educational needs and disabilities….

The authority also found there was more need for SEND sites in Mansfield and Ashfield, where 41 per cent of all Nottinghamshire children waiting for SEND spaces live.

The two districts also accounted for 37.3 per cent of all new education, health and care plans between 2018 and 2022, the authority adds….

“The proposed school is to provide a very specific and specialist learning environment for 160 pupils with autism and social, emotional and mental health needs, to help meet the growing demand.”…


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