(UK) Leicestershire: SPED numbers have "rocketed by over 50% since 2015 to 4,730"

Feb 24, 2020, Warwickshire Marborough Mail: Why tax payers in Harborough will pay about an extra £1 a week on their council tax Thousands of people across Harborough face paying about £1 a week more council tax in 2020-21. They will be hit with the rise as Leicestershire County Council hikes its slice of the tax by 3.99 per cent to generate another £12 million. The cash-strapped council is acting as it sets out to make dramatic savings of £80 million. The local authority will have a £390m revenue budget for next year to bankroll vital services across the county. … “Rising demand for services is generating ever-growing pressure.” He added: “Since 2010, we’ve saved £210m and eventually, we won’t be able to do it any more. “With special education needs and disability support at record levels here and nationwide, it’s an issue the Government simply has to recognise.... “At £600m, our capital pot is the largest ever. “But with new homes planned, it’s vital we support our communities by ensuring new roads and schools are in place with the biggest investment in the county’s infrastructure for a generation.” The number of children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) education, health and care plans has rocketed by over 50 per cent since 2015 to 4,730….