(UK) Lancashire: Mental health care in primary school

Dec 20, 2017, (UK) Lancashire Radio: Supporting mental health in primary school Mental ill-health in children - it's something that we've heard a lot about recently. The government has said that by 2022 they'll provide mental health support in some schools and colleges. But Lord Street Primary school is ahead of the game. They've employed a counsellor, Zoe, who comes in on a Friday and work with children who need support. … "If we tackle it now we're making them more resilient in the future. "Having Zoe employed by the school has cut out the 6-8 week waiting time that you get with outside agencies." Zoe is a self-employed counsellor and psychotherapist. She said when it comes to mental health, the earlier, the better: "It's about nipping it in the bud now, in primary school.