(UK) Ilford: Call for teachers training in "spotting mental health issues" in students

Feb 8, 2018, (UK) Ilford Recorder: ‘Teachers need to be trained in mental health’ after more than 50% of pupils feel sad or anxious An Ilford Vlogger has spoken out about the need for teachers to be trained in spotting mental health issues after a Barnardo’s commissioned study found that more than 50 per cent of 12-16-year-olds in London feel sad or anxious at least once a week and 77pc cited school was one of their biggest causes of stress. … Isaac Harvey, 22, from Ilford, who has been supported by Barnardo’s and volunteered for the charity as a mentor, said: “The government should definitely start teaching the teachers more about mental health, so they know the signs and understand what mental health involves. “A lot of teachers don’t see the signs among their students.