(UK) Hertfordshire: Suspensions up-without 'addressing any underlying issues for their children'

Oct 2, 2017, (UK) Hertfordshire Mercury: Surge in Hertfordshire school expulsions following rise in pupil attacks on adults The number of pupils expelled from schools in Hertfordshire rose by more than a third in a year, according to the latest figures. Attacks on adults are one of the most common reasons, with a surge in cases over the 12 months. The number of suspensions also rose by more than ten per cent during the same period. The county council's member for education said Herts' rate was lower than that of most other counties and excluding pupils was a last resort. The number of expulsions, or "permanent exclusions" at state-funded schools increased from 51 in 2014/15 to 70 in 2015/16 – the most recent figures available. Most were due to "persistent disruptive behaviour", at 23 cases, compared to 12 the previous year. The second most common reason was physical assault against an adult, at 16, with no cases recorded in 2014/15. The number of suspensions, known as "fixed period exclusions", has also gone up, from 6,210 to 6,872. ... Councillor Terry Douris, Hertfordshire County Council's cabinet member for education, said: "The wellbeing and education of young people is of paramount importance to the county council. "While there has been a general rise in exclusions across the UK over the last two years, Hertfordshire still retains one of the lowest exclusion rates in comparison with other local authorities throughout the country." … "We will continue to focus on early intervention so we can support schools and families in addressing any underlying issues for their children."