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(UK) Halifax: $10K/yr for taxi for each SPED student

July 1, 2022, Halifax Courier: Taxis for pupils costing Calderdale Council more than £22,000 [$27K] a week

Northern England

Calderdale councillors heard one daily journey to and from an out-of-area school costs the authority more than £24,000 [$29K] a year, and other similar journeys cost sums averaging £8,700 [$10K] per pupil, per year.

A Freedom of Information Act request to the authority revealed Calderdale Council pays for 86 children to travel to and from education by taxi, covering reception class to Year 13.

This costs the council £22,265 [27K] a week. Of the 86 children, 26 go to schools outside of the local authority. The weekly cost for these pupils is £9,595 [$11.6K]….


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