(UK) Glasgow: Area has higher levels of disabled children

Dec 3, 2017, (UK) Glasgow Evening Times: Contact report shows Glasgow has high rate of children with disabilities GLASGOW has been named as one of the areas in the UK with the highest percentages of children with disabilities and local families often face major deprivation, a charity has warned. Contact says disabled children and their families often face major disadvantages with 5.8 per cent of children in the city having some form of disability. … Isaac has severe Autism, is non-verbal and has global development delay. He also has neurofibromatosis - a condition in which tumours grow on the nerves, a brain tumour and a visual impairment. Naomi has severe anxiety, autism and an eating disorder. Miriam’s husband also has autism and neurofibromatosis. “It’s hard to quantify but some weeks I provide 50+ hours of care just to Isaac,” Miriam said. “My son needs lots of physical and personal care including, feeding, dressing, changing nappies as well as attending frequent appointments with professionals like neurologists, eye specialists, social workers and school, which are all intense 1-2 hour-long meetings.