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(UK) Gillingham: Special school to raise $250K for "immersion classroom technology"

Oct 14, 2021, Kent Online: Danecourt school, Gillingham, needs £150k for immersive classroom technology

Swimming with dolphins is a popular choice on many a must-do wish list. But it is set to become a dream come true for children at a special educational needs school…. Staff at Danecourt in Gillingham have launched a campaign to raise £150,000 [$205K] for an immersive classroom – an interactive space where pupils can engage with a virtual world through touch, sight, smell and sound. Youngsters will be transformed into a totally different environment, thanks to projected images on the walls, controllable lights, sounds temperature, vibrations and even smells. Head teacher Cathryn Falconer said: "Once inside the room, the children can virtually explore parts of the world and experiences may of them wouldn't normally encounter, and most importantly for the children who come to our school, these experiences can be in an environment where they feel safe…. The Hotel Road school caters for primary-aged children who have complex learning difficulties, autism, social, emotional and mental health issues…. …"It is a huge amount of money. But the impact it will have on the children is huge and worth every penny."


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