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(UK) Gateshead: $3.6M for "Family Hubs" over 3 years

Feb 9, 2023, Family Hubs

NE England

Gateshead is one of 75 local authorities across the country which will be benefiting from the Department for Education's £302 million funding for Family Hubs.

Gateshead's share, £3 million [ $3.6M]

over three years, will see hundreds of families in local communities across Gateshead offered help and support with issues such as infant feeding, mental health and relationship building.

The new hubs will offer support from conception through to age 19, or up to 25 for children with special education needs and disabilities.

Family Hubs will act as a 'one stop shop' to offer guidance and advice on a range of circumstances, including infant feeding, mental health support, health visits and parenting classes as well as strengthening the integration of a wide range of services which support children and families.

The hubs will also bring together wider wraparound services that can make a huge difference to people who need extra support - such as advice on getting into work, relationship building and help to stop smoking.

Gateshead Family Hubs will replace the Council's existing children's centres across the borough and the first will open in early spring 2023.


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