(UK) Falkirk: More SPED kids; over $500,000 (US) for additional support

Feb 2, 2018, (UK) Falkirk Herald: Schools’ plan for autism seeks to ‘stay local’ in a changing world Only a tiny number of people responded to a Falkirk Council consultation on a plan intended to make sure that autistic children – as with all pupils generally – get the best education available. … Now it is set to put these ideas into practice with a Closer to Home Strategy that carries a price tag of £369,000 for the year 2017-2018. [Over $500,000] It means keeping children in mainstream classes wherever possible, with additional specialist needs classes where required. “Children who would have been perhaps badly treated in the distant past are individuals with their own particular needs,” says Mr Mackay. “The idea of introducing enhanced provision for autistic services to local schools is in tune with Curriculum for Excellence – and has nothing to do with cost-cutting, as sometimes claimed. … A new policy was needed simply because the number of children with additional support needs has grown locally, in line with a national trend. Part of this is because modern education identifies “needs” whereas in days gone by children were often simply dismissed as “problems”.