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(UK) Evesham mom struggles to get help for autistic 12 yr old son

Nov 3, 2020, Evesham Journal: Evesham mum's 'battle' to get support for son with autism (Central England) A MUM says fighting for her autistic son's education through the current system is a 'never ending battle.' Laura Cherry says places at special schools being so hard to attain and mainstream schools lack of understanding of special needs makes life for parents 'frustrating, and exhausting' with 'sleepless nights.' Mrs Cherry's 12 year old son is named Brooke. She said: "We have been going through the process since he was 2. He has always been in mainstream schooling but they just don't have the support. He's always been perceived as the naughty boy as they seem to see him as just a normal back chatting pre-teen rather than an anxious, autistic child." … The Hampton mum said she is constantly having to send emails and make phone calls. She has a huge file of paperwork and often feels like Brooke's PA as well as his mum. She has had to give up working because of the amount of work involved and has had a mental breakdown because of the stress. Brooke will be starting at a special needs school but not until next September. Mrs Cherry said the process of getting places is lengthy and she's worried that he will struggle in mainstream schooling in the mean time….


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