(UK) Children's mental health "a growing crisis"

July 7, 2017, Quartz: Five things schools can do to help fight children’s growing mental health problems There is a growing crisis within children’s mental health, and this is not a term used lightly—between 2010 and 2015 there was a 50% increase in hospital admissions because of children self-harming. And in 2016 Childline reported the highest ever number of callers expressing suicidal thoughts. This is a figure that has doubled over the last five years. A report by the Children’s Commissioner for England warned that more than 800,000 children were living with mental health issues in the UK, with a large proportion from vulnerable families. … As children’s mental health becomes one of society’s most pressing issues, many teachers find themselves on the frontline—with the effect being felt in schools across the country. 79% of teachers in both primary and secondary schools have reported seeing an increase in stress, anxiety and panic attacks in their pupils as well as a rise in depression, self-harm and eating disorders. But without specialist training—which isn’t currently a requirement—a lot of those working in schools feel unprepared for the challenges they are facing….