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(UK) Bucks: Council expands special needs support

June 5, 2024, Bucks Herald: Bucks Council approves changes to Aylesbury Vale school to support specialist teaching for SEND students

Central England

Bucks Council has approved the relocation of students at an Aylesbury Vale school to provide additional support for children with Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) requirements.

Last week Bucks Council granted conditional approval to plans to move Furze Down School’s sixth form base so the premise can be used for specialist teaching.

Estimations released by the council last year showed that the move could create 26 places for pupils aged between four and 16.

Sixth form students at the school in Winslow will now continue their education at the short breaks day service building in Buckingham. Under the plans that were subject to a public consultation last year, the short breaks day service in Buckingham will continue to provide adult services in a smaller area of the current building.

Ahead of committee members unanimously voting through the plans, Councillor Robin Stuchbury said: “This delivers special education places in North Buckinghamshire that are desperately needed.”

Results from the council’s consultation regarding the move showed that 73% of respondents were in favour of the move.

It is hoped that the move will be beneficial to sixth form students at the special school for communication and interaction. As it will enable older students with SEND to develop independent skills in preparation for adulthood. Navigating their way to a new site will allow them to gain travel skills that are of great importance.

Under the plans students will not share resources with people who are already using the centre that provides specialist support for adults with learning disabilities, autism, dementia or mental health needs. . . .

Last month, the Government announced that Bucks Council had successfully bid for the opening of a new special education school in the county. The location of the new school has not been revealed.


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