(UK) Birmingham: "Children as young as 4 violently abusing staff up to '6 or 7 times a day'"

April 2, 2018, (UK) Sun: BAD EDUCATION—Teachers ‘headbutted, spat at and have eyes gouged by kids as young as FOUR’ The horrifying stories were shared by teachers during an education conference in Birmingham CHILDREN as young as four are violently abusing staff up to "six or seven times a day" - with reports of strangling, spitting and even attempts to gouge the eyes of teachers and other pupils. The claims were made at an education conference, where staff have lifted the lid on outrageous and shocking behaviour seen at UK schools. The extreme violence has even forced some teachers to change the way they dress in order to avoid being harmed by students. Teaching staff across the country have also reported suffering dangerous levels of anxiety when heading into work. … She said: "In the last two years behaviour in children has increased to an extremely violent level.” Teachers have reported being spat at, headbutted, strangled and pinched by young students Kelly, who is 18 weeks pregnant, also described being "spat at, bitten and pinched" during her day-to-day work. She went on to talk about how a nine-year-old pupil tried to strangle her with her own scarf. … Kelly, who is the only dedicated SENCO at her school, said she was repeatedly called to deal with a four-year-old boy who "scratched, gouged eyes, and pulled hair". She said: “The last two years have been the worst I've ever had in my [16-year] teaching career.