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(UK) Bedford: Special school for 200; 18% increase in numbers in 4 yrs

Nov 17, 2023, Former headteacher sees work at new SEN school being built in Kempston

N of London

A former headteacher has spoken of his pride at seeing the work progress at the new SEN school being built in Kempston.

Frank McMahon was headteacher at Robert Bruce Middle School for 15 years before his retirement in 2005. Robert Bruce closed 10 years later – but the new school, on the site of the old Robert Bruce Middle School, will be one of the largest SEN facilities in the country.

Mr McMahon recently visited the site to see how work is progressing to create a new school for 200 students pupils aged 2-19 with special educational needs, including children with physical disabilities, those on the autistic spectrum, and those with severe learning disabilities….

The new school has been funded in conjunction with the Department For Education (DfE) and is due to open in phases from September 2024.

Bedford Borough has seen an 18% increase in the number of children attending SEN schools in the last four years.

Mr McMahon added: “I’ve always had a soft spot for SEN. A mark of how a school should be run is how much they support the children who most need support. That’s something that is really being embraced with creating this new school….


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