(UK) Bedford: "Limited number of school spaces" for SPED kids; 'there’s also massive demand'

April 5, 2018, (UK) Bedford Today: New school for children with special needs planned for Kempston … “We’ve already got some brilliant special schools in the borough, but there’s also massive demand and it’s something which the system is catching up with. “As a Bedford boy it’s brilliant to see this coming to where we live.”… While there is already pressure on the limited number of school spaces for children with disabilities and SEN in Bedford Borough, it is believed an extra 700 such places will be needed by 2030. … A Bedford Borough Council spokesman said: “The council is committed to providing high quality education provision for children and young people
with special educational needs and disabilities, as close to home as possible. “This proposed school will increase capacity, develop greater specialisms and ease the growing pressure on current capacity.”