(UK) Bedford, England: 40% increase in SPED pupils in 3 years; funding cut

July 15, 2017, UK Bedfordshire News: Bedford council overspend fears prompt special needs cuts THE green light was given to slash funding for children with special education needs (SEN) – despite nearly a 40 per cent increase in such pupils in just three years. Targeted SEN funding is given by the local authority to schools which exceed the expected number of pupils with Educational Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). In Bedford Borough, the expected proportion is one in 70 – and for those exceeding this funding is provided at £6,000 per pupil per year. (approx $8,000 U.S.) But as of September 1, this sum will be cut to £4,800 per annum – despite the number of special educational needs students increasing from 695 in January 2014 to 961 in January of this year.