(UK) Bad behavior at school caused by abuse at home

Sept 26, 2017, The UK Guardian: Almost 75% of all children are subjected to violence each year, research finds Leaders urged to break the silence around the issue as report reveals every year 1.7 billion children across rich and poor countries experience abuse Nearly three out of four children experience violence each year, according to a global study that warns practices such as corporal punishment are widespread in both rich and poor countries. Around 1.7 billion children experience some form of abuse over the course of a year, according to the report by the global initiative Know Violence in Childhood, which measured the prevalence of inter-personal violence such as fighting at school, bullying or sexual abuse. The biggest cause of such violence was corporal punishment at home, which affected 58% of children in industrialised countries and more than eight in 10 children across eastern and southern Africa, south Asia and western and central Africa. AK Shiva Kumar, global co-chair of Know Violence in Childhood, which is made up of 100 leading researchers and experts, and supported by organisations such as Unicef, said such abuse is entirely preventable. “Political leaders must help us implement what we already know works and break the silence around this critical issue.”