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U.S. Supreme Court win may give SPED parents "more leverage"

Mar 22, 2023, WKZO, Kalamazoo, MI: Supreme Court rules for deaf student in special education case against Sturgis Public Schools

WASHINGTON, DC (WKZO AM/FM) – The United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday for a St. Joseph County deaf student who sued his school in a case that could give parents of students with disabilities more leverage in negotiating for their children’s education.

Miguel Perez enrolled in the Sturgis Public School District in Michigan when he was nine years old and was an A and B student for more than a decade. Months before graduation, his parents learned that he would not receive a diploma and that aides the school assigned to him did not know sign language.

Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote that the court’s ruling holds consequences “for a great many children with disabilities and their parents.”

However, as noted attorney and author Thane Rosenbaum, a CBS News Legal Analyst, pointed out when the high court heard oral arguments this past January, this case wasn’t as cut and dried as it appeared.


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