Texas: Thousands of kids denied SPED placement

June 19, 2017, Houston Public Media: What Texas Lawmakers Did For Special Education And What They Missed They passed a ban on any kind of cap, even though the Texas Education Commissioner, Mike Morath, had already promised to end it. Since 2004, the TEA had discouraged schools from enrolling more than 8.5 percent of all students into special ed. … With the new law, parents like Barrera will get more information about strategies like response to intervention, or RTI. And they’ll be notified of their right to request a special ed evaluation at any time. “There’s nothing wrong with RTI, other than it was the only place for students with disabilities to go because of the limitation on their referral to special education,” Aleman said. “But we would expect there to be tens of thousands of students who might now become eligible for special education and get the true services that they need that probably were languishing in RTI.”