Taylor Cty, WV: Broad of Ed discusses "school based health centers"

Jan 12, 2018, Grafton (WV) Mountain Statesman: Taylor County BOE teams up with GTCHD to improve student health The Taylor County Board of Education met on Tuesday for their bi-monthly meeting to discuss a proposal for School Based Health Centers. Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (CFNP) Diana Boyle with the Grafton-Taylor County Health Department addressed the board. “Our purpose is to open dialog and discussion and hopefully start planning to develop School Based Health Centers,” she said. She explained that these are centers that are within the school environment and provide primary healthcare and behavioral health, in an environment where a student feels confortable and less intimidated. “School Based Health Centers can provide a wide range of health services, from routine checkups to treating chronic illnesses,” Boyle said. … The centers serve over a million students a year throughout the country by providing medical and mental health services. … Behavioral health services will also be available which include mental health awareness and outreach, suicide prevention, behavioral health care including assessment, treatment, referral and crisis intervention.