St. Louis, MO: More schools have health clinics on site

Aug 23, 2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: School health clinics are growing in number in St. Louis region This month, Normandy High joined a growing number of public schools around the St. Louis region that are opening on-campus health clinics. Services at these clinics include not just immunizations and checkups, but also chronic disease management care for conditions such as asthma and diabetes; counseling for behavioral, emotional and mental health issues such as anger, bullying and depression; dental cleanings; and reproductive health services including contraception, pregnancy tests and screenings for sexually transmitted infections. … Having a health clinic at Normandy that’s open during and after school eliminates that transportation barrier and can make it easier for students to see a doctor without missing class or pulling their parents from work.... The partners are now working on getting more students to know about the clinic and use it. To do that, the clinic’s staff must gain the students’ trust….