Springfield, MO: Mental illness in kids is "silent epidemic"; schools to partner with clinics

May 8, 2018, Fox5, Springfield, MO: Health Experts Aim to Help Students with Mental Health and Violence Some are calling mental illness a silent epidemic--especially among children-- and behavioral health professionals are working with area schools to spread awareness and help students. As concerns grow about mental health issues impacting young people, research shows one in five children have some sort of mental health condition. … With a lack of mental health professionals placed in schools, Wolfram says the responsibility to address the needs of children with social and emotional challenges falls on other school employees. … That's why Burrell Behavioral Health is expanding access to mental health services to provide a lifeline in schools for Missouri youth who are facing challenges or are in crisis. … Health professionals like CJ Davis, CEO & President, Burrell Behavioral Health, says there is no shame in having a mental health condition, and the sooner someone gets help, the better off they will be. "What I tell people all the time is don’t blame the behavior, blame the story that put that kids behavior together. So what we want to do is get in front of the behavior and understand the story and intersect with that kids story as early as possible," explains Davis.