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Spokane: WA State opens new autism clinic; offers diagnoses/treatment

Apr 14, 2023, Spokane Public Radio: In hopes of increasing access to care, Washington State University launches new autism clinic

A new clinic that offers autism diagnoses and treatment, will soon open at Washington State University’s Spokane campus.

At the program’s launch this week, clinic leaders said it could reduce wait times for care in eastern Washington.

Laurie Thompson, the co-director of WSU’s new Autism and Neurodevelopmental Clinic, said it’s a partnership with Range Community Clinic, which provides healthcare service to underserved communities across the region. She said she’s hoping the collaboration will allow the new program to serve communities that haven’t had access to disability services….

Ally Wulbecht, a mother of a child with autism who attended the launch, said waiting for a diagnosis is often really difficult for families. She says many students need services at school, but can’t access them without a diagnosis.

“It’s a huge impact, it will make a big difference for the kids and the families to get those services right away,” she said.

Georgina Lynch, who is also a co-director of the autism and neurodevelopment clinic, says early diagnosis is incredibly important. She says the clinic will be open to children as young as 18-months up to the age of 18….

Georgina Lynch, co director of the new Autism and Neurodevelopmental Clinic in Spokane, speaks to a crowd at the programs launch Wednesday.


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