Rhode Island: Students experiencing more stress

Aug 27, 2017, Providence (RI) Journal: Survey: RI schools boiling over with stress Half of all public high school students in Rhode Island say school is quite stressful. More than 70 percent say they frequently or almost always worry about grades. Sixty-three percent are really worried about things in their life. Teenagers are living in a state of constant anxiety, according to a new survey from the R.I. Department of Education that gathered 83,000 responses from students in all grades, including 55,600 responses from grades 6 through 12…. “Anecdotally, we are certainly seeing increased levels of said Sara Dinklage, executive director of the Rhode Island Student Assistance Services, a substance-abuse prevention program working in 47 schools…. “Anxiety has become the malady of the age,” said Bob Houghtaling, director of the East Greenwich substance-abuse prevention program. “Their relationships are in cyber-space.... The biggest issue I deal with is existential in nature: Who am I? Where do I fit in? Schools are under so much pressure to test well. Teachers are under pressure to get their kids through the curriculum….