Pell City, AL: Sensory room for 'children that have very fragile sensory nervous systems'

Oct 12, 2017, Pell City, AL, St. Clair News: Sensory room gets funding Last week, Rotary presented Walter M. Kennedy (WMK) Elementary School in Pell City a check for $500 for their sensory room.

“We have children that have very fragile sensory nervous systems,” Chasity Boyle, special education teacher at WMK said. “I have several students with supersonic sensors; noises are super loud for them. They can hear the hum of the fluorescent lights and vacuums are extremely loud.”

According to WMK Principal Dr. Leah Stover, the purpose of a sensory room is to help students who are agitated calm down or students who are having difficulty with focus expel energy. Currently the school is designing an active space and a calming space, an active space for students that may be underactive to get them moving and blood circulating, and a calming space to help students relax, avoid meltdowns, and continue their day.r...