Ohio: Schools of the future will employ "trauma-informed practices"

Sept 27, 2017, Columbus Dispatch: Future Ohio schools will be flexible and personal, education leaders say Schools of the future might not look like The Jetsons, but they will be different, said two local education leaders on Wednesday. Ideally, those institutions will be more flexible and personalized to the children’s needs, and they will work more closely with businesses and the community. State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria and Annalies Corbin, president of the Columbus-based nonprofit PAST Foundation, talked about where education is headed at a lunch hosted by the Columbus Metropolitan Club. Another future trend: adopting methods to get students of all backgrounds and life experiences into the zone for learning, DeMaria said. Trauma-informed practices, for example, use emerging research on the brain to teach students self-regulation behaviors such as fidgeting to help soothe them and help them concentrate.