Norwin, PA: District schools have 20% special needs

Aug 15, 2017, Pittsburgh Norwin student enrollment to swell in new school year When Norwin schools start classes on Monday, enrollment is expected to increase by 150 — nearly 20 percent of them special-needs students who could require the district to hire more classroom help. “I'm a little concerned because some students have fairly significant needs,” Stacey Snyder, director of special education and student services, told school board members this week. About 27 of the new students qualify for an individual education plan, and that does not include those who are gifted or have speech issues, Snyder said. The new students with IEPs have required Norwin to hire three more paraprofessionals, Snyder said. Norwin had reduced its paraprofessional staff from 76 at the end of the last school year to 55, before hiring more, she said. … Given the increase in students with special needs, Director Tracey L. Czajkowski said she was concerned that the district could start the year without a sufficient number of paraprofessionals.