Normal, IL: "Schools must be willing to spend more on mental health"

Feb 26, 2018, WJBC, Bloomington, IL: Daniel: Schools need to focus on mental health NORMAL- In the wake of the Florida high school shooting, a local school district leader is calling for more mental health resources in schools. … “You know, you can blame guns, you can blame this, but I really believe we need to figure out how to better connect with each and every one of our children,” Daniel explained. Daniel said he would be okay with boosting the number of school resource officers, but says schools need to be able to bring in more mental health counselors and therapists to help students who feel disconnected. … … “And I think you need to bring the mental health specialists. Where are the psychiatrists in this discussion?” Daniel said the problem is there are too many students who have lost connection at school and he says schools must be willing to spend more on mental health.