Newman, CA: "An unusually large percentage of students with special needs"

Dec 21, 2017, Newman, CA, Gustine Press Standard: Growth boosting NCLUSD budget While the overall enrollment is up about 120 students from a year ago, Fillpot and Mendoza told the school board at its Dec. 18 meeting, that influx includes an unusually large percentage of students with special needs. “We are seeing that a disproportionate amount are special ed kids which increases our costs,” Fillpot explained. “A lot of the (added per-pupil funding) is kind of getting eaten up with that cost.” More than 40 new students with individual educational programs have been added to the district enrollment, Mendoza noted. … Those services could encompasses a requirement for an individual aide, adaptive physical education or assistive technology, for example. Some students attend programs outside the district, Fillpot noted, which adds transportation costs to the mix.... One example is a program for emotionally disturbed students which is being housed at Orestimba this year. That program serves about 15 high school students from the Newman-Crows Landing and Patterson districts.