(New Zealand) More pupils with behavioral issues; "some restraint is necessary"

Nov 10, 2017, New Zealand, Otago Daily Times: Some Restraint of Pupils is Necessary ...Increasing numbers of pupils have major underlying behavioural issues. They could well arrive at school with no experience of boundaries, unable to concentrate for any length of time or even sit still. Others are violent, and physical and sexual assaults have increased. … Systems of "restorative" measures have developed — such as peer monitoring, buddy systems and no-blame approaches to bullying. But schools also face demands for miscreants to be punished and have to tread a line between attempting rehabilitation and taking care of safety…. Reported yesterday was the case of a teacher, who carried a child to a principal’s office, being found guilty of misconduct by the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal. As Pat Newman, the president of the Tai Tokerau Principals Association said, common sense was missing. The law is such the tribunal had to find the teacher guilty, but the law should be changed to broaden the ability of teachers to constrain pupils….