New Jersey: Rowan U. sees "uptick in mental health issues every year"

Jan 11, 2018, Schools expand access to counseling services Students often feel very high levels of anxiety due to demanding schedules at a time of life when they are just beginning to be treated like adults. Because of those stresses, colleges and universities in New Jersey have come to realize students might have a higher need for counseling and mental health services than in the past. "What we are experiencing at Rowan is what we're seeing around the country," said David Rubenstein, vice president of health and wellness at Rowan University in Glassboro. "There has been an uptick in mental health issues every year. We see more volume and more acuity."… He said the university sees any number of mental health issues. "We have groups for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship difficulties and others," Rubenstein said. "Students can get the resources they need. We have to meet an increasing student need that is happening across the country." For some students, there is a need for counseling outside the university itself and Rowan will partner with professionals in the community to accommodate those needs, Rubenstein said.